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An idea in the making…..


The embryonic thought of painting and creating art and actual paintworks, originated in my mind some thirty years ago. Following decades of doodling, I was given a single canvas and some wax crayons as a Christmas gift in 2017, and my first foray into actually trying to create a picture/artwork/image/abstract (call it what you will) materialised on to the canvas. From that point onwards the creative journeys commenced, and thankfully they continue, and new pieces of art come together and find their way on to the canvas.


For me, that’s ’how it works’; something will invade my mind, I may see an image in a dream, notice something as I’m driving, a shape or a particular landscape, and I’ll pick up a paintbrush while the idea is fresh, and the next creative journey, an adventure in art, begins. Ideas while creating paintworks often morph from one thought to another and then back again, until I get to a place of ‘rest’. That place is the end of the journey, a journey to a new creative destination, a journey to the formulation of a new piece of art.


Indulge me, take a look at the works ……but don’t try to get inside my head and figure out from whence the initial thought came, because often, at journey’s end, I myself cannot recall the point of origin. A destination is just that, but it is the journey which takes us there that we all remember, the journey in this case to create new/innovative and different artworks.


Enjoy, without obligation.



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